Driven and Tired, Passionate and Exhausted (Poem)


Dandelion growing out of dry, cracked dirt. Source.


Trying to figure out the good life
is giving me messy hair.

Hours, days, months spent on something
which may come to naught.

I’m being consumed by my passion.

I can’t tell if that’s good or bad.

Is my luck really going to change on July 17th?
Is that the day to watch out for?
If so, that’s very soon and I don’t quite
know what to do.

I feel tired.

I may be in need of a break,
to find a pin that will reach
the reset button.

I feel driven sometimes,
and clouded by clutter others.

Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?

I’m on a path,
but to where and
at what cost?

Who is the being that I am becoming?

Shaping, reforming.
Passionate, driven, anxious, exhausted.

What kind of break am I looking for?

Long walks help to clear a cloudy mind.
The only thing which counteracts the clutter I put there.

Unfortunately, I am an artist.
These struggles will always be constant.
How I react may, however, be the thing to change.


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