Boxelder Bugs & Me

I was thinking about writing a Very Serious blog post today, but then I decided to take pictures of bugs instead.

Sometimes, life can be a little too serious and you just want to do some investigative journalism into the lives of boxelder bugs.

[Image: white stripey plastic with a small red-and-black boxelder bug on it. Wood, part of a white scooter board, and a dried up leave on the bottom].

This was the first boxelder bug I took a picture of. We didn’t really get a chance to chat. It had a meeting to get to, a Very Serious business-style business meeting.

[Image: Tiny, bright red boxelder bug on concrete near a dead wasp].

This was the second boxelder bug I took a picture of. It is near a dead wasp. Apparently, they did not know each other. It’s going through puberty right now, but it’s mostly okay. It was going to try out for the basketball team and I don’t know if it got on yet or not. The results won’t come out until next week.

[Image: Concrete, dried leaves, and a cluster of boxelder bugs].

This is a cluster of boxelder bugs having a house warming party under their new leaf. I technically crashed it, but they were friendly enough once I made it clear that I wasn’t with the paparazzi.

[Image: dried leaves, cluster of boxelder bugs on a grey piece of foam].

This is just a ton of boxelder bugs on a foam thing. They were trying to organize a rave but their DJ bailed last minute. A few of them went off in search of someone with decent beatboxing skills.

Get it?

[Image: boxelder bug on concrete spreading its wings. Small green plants in the bottom corner].

This boxelder bug always dreamed of flying. It believes it will get there one day. It wasn’t too chatty, as it was focused on the task at hand.

My friend had mentioned seeing a large gathering of boxelder bugs on the street, which I went looking for, but sadly, was unable to find. I decided to walk to the theatre and take myself to a movie instead to make up for the disappointment I felt during this difficult time.

[Image: Part of a blue-and-white ad for a Broker. A photo of said Broker with the thought bubble “THINK “BINK”!” next to them. More lettering and numbers designating contact information. Grass to the right side].

This is not a boxelder bug but it was certainly worth documenting.

Remember, friends, to always think bink.

[Image: Part of a disposable cup advertising Coke, which reads, “Chillin’ Like a Villian” in red letters on black, sitting in a black cupholder next to red woven seat fabric].

This was part of my drink and seat at the theatre. It reminded me of boxelder bugs. This was both sad and nice in a bittersweet way.

[Image: Close up of a small brown beetle on the sidewalk].

This is not a boxelder bug but it was a bug I saw on my way home.

[Image: Top is mostly black. Near the middle, four lit windows shine into the night. There is a cat in the second to the right. Part of the house, sidewalk, and road are visible, though darkened and grainy].

This is a cat in the window of a very well lit room. It appears to be watching and waiting, but appearances can be deceiving. It waits for no one. It watches for no one. This is a cat who is beyond understanding.

(This is a cat. This is not a cat. This is text on a computer screen).

I saw Suicide Squad at the theatre. The plot wasn’t very strong but I absolutely loved Harley Quinn. I can see why (some) fans love it but (many) movie critics don’t. I definitely want to see a whole Harley-based movie in the future!

I also had a lovely evening. I hope you did too.

I encourage you to send me pictures of boxelder bugs if you have them.


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