No More Mondays

Hello, all!

My computer totally broke down on Monday, which is why there was no blog post. I was actually going to write y’all to say that I won’t be doing Monday posts anymore. I will still write on here sometimes, but I think the whole Monday thing has kind of served its purpose.

Essentially, I started the Monday posts in order to make sure I was writing regularly, but now that I’ve started doing the fantasy fiction thing, I’m feeling pretty fulfilled in that regard and would rather spend my writing energy on that. Also, based on the analytics, I happen to know that not a lot of folks read the Monday posts. I’m hoping that means no one will be sad that I’m stopping.

So, yeah, this has been a fun and cool experiment! I’m still making YouTube videos and will publish the YA fantasy fiction on this site September 1st. Occasional blog posts will pop up as well. 🙂

Stay tuned & have a wonderful day!


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