Welcome to the new, improved version of this blog!

I’ve decided that I really want this blog to be a place where I regularly write entries similar to how I regularly post videos on my channel. I’ll no longer be sharing all of my videos as posts, but will be keeping them on their own separate page. I want my blog entries to be their own thing as well as easier to find!

I would like to share personal updates, thoughts on writing, what I’m reading, and some how-to’s on here. It’s going to be the kinds of topics and tangents that I feel are better suited to writing than to videos.

I’m in a transitional point with my writing and my videos (gosh, when am I not?), and so I’ll also be making changes to my Patreon and YouTube channel in addition to this. I hope that you like them! I think that things are going to get even better as we go forward.


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